Memorial Day 2020

A gorgeous shot of our flag.

Today is a day we traditionally spend with family and friends.  Lakeside, poolside, grilling, and chilling, that is how we know Memorial Day.

This year’s celebration may be the same as any other year for some.  For others, they may still be quarantined or not be able to be with family and friends due to quarantine.

What hopefully is the same this year, like any year, is that we say a prayer for those men and women who gave their lives in military service to our country.   It is those individuals whose ultimate sacrifice allows us to enjoy all the freedoms we have today.

Let freedom ring!

Bonus Information:  Although many Northern states began honoring fallen servicemen back in 1868 on what was called Decoration Day, it wasn’t until the National Holiday Act of 1971 that the federal government proclaimed the third Monday in May as Memorial Day.

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