Ready for Outdoor Living!

It is that time of year!  Time for outdoor activities, basking in the sun, lying by the pool, grilling, and eating outdoors. I love it all!

I love this collection of plants and planters.

What do you do to get your outdoor areas summer ready?  At our house, we do the following:

  1.  Power wash the entire back patio and pool area.  Six hours later, it looks spic and span!
  2. Plant pots and place around the deck. We put these on drip lines so that we don’t have to water as much.
  3. Put a metal rolling cart on the porch. It is a perfect landing spot for a pitcher of lemonade, ice bucket filled with bottles of water, bottle opener, cocktail napkins, nuts and olives, dry towels, acrylic drinkware, etc.  It also works well next to the outdoor dining table as a way to bring out and remove dishes and platters.
  4. Clean and blow up my two-person pink flamingo floatie!
  5. Repaint any planters or iron planters that need refreshing.
  6. Inspect the grill and replace anything that is worn. I replace my grill tools and make sure the propane tanks are full. This is also a good time to buy a new grate for the grill.
  7. Repair or buy new umbrellas.
  8. Clean cushions and pillows for chairs and loungers.
  9. Replace candles and light bulbs.  Get new solar lights.
  10. Put out any yard art.  Although I am not a big fan of set-abouts inside or out, I do have a glass reflecting ball that I put out in the summer.
A pop of color.

Now is the time to enjoy the great outdoors.  Get your patio clean and decorated and enjoy your outdoor living space!

I was experimenting with my camera settings. I must not have held the camera steady, but I still like the shot.
Of all the seeds I planted, and all the seedlings that sprouted, these are the two survivors! Bell peppers.
A cricket or something is eating all my mint. That cricket must have the best breath.
I am experimenting to see if the stand will fall over in the wind. The brick serves as a weight. This area needs some work to make it more interesting.

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