Oh my goodness!  Mike splurged on a Kamado Joe grill, and we are in love!  It arrived last weekend.  Since then we have grilled just about everything we have eaten.

Last weekend, Mike grilled chicken legs, chicken thighs, pork chops, pork loin and steak.  Plus some veggies.   We then ate great grilled food throughout the week, which was such a nice treat…especially since I am one armed (carpal tunnel surgery) and pretty useless in the kitchen right now.

Such a good burger!

This weekend he plans to grill brisket, hamburgers, steak and more pork.  We researched grilling okra, and he is going to try that as well.

I feel kind of sad for the Jenn-Air gas grill that is sitting idle.  She has served us well.  We just spruced her up with new grills, cover, burners, and heat deflectors.  So she is burning like a new grill!

Mike is enjoying grilling and smoking on the KJ.  He wants to get all the accessories so that he can make pizzas and use a rotisserie.  But that leads to trying to figure out how to store all the accessories near the grill.  That is a problem that we haven’t solved yet!

My second favorite color is red, so I love the look of the grill on the back porch.  It is a win-win, and I am a lucky girl benefiting from Mike’s new gadget!

If you have any good storage solutions for KJ grill accessories, please share!

Thank you for reading!  To stay up-to-date with the latest posts, be sure to subscribe.  This post was not sponsored.  I am just sharing information about a grill and smoker that we have enjoyed!


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