Riding Around

I am not sure about you, but Mike and I are getting bored since we are still refraining from going out too much.  We have been watching more movies at home and grilling or cooking more.  But we get so bored.

Our latest way to entertain ourselves, other than watching the new season of How to Get Away with Murder, is to go riding around.

Of course, I grew up riding around.  My parents loved to go riding around.  It was a Saturday or Sunday afternoon pastime.

When my sister and I were really little, before seatbelt laws, all four of us (mom, dad, sister and me) would be on the front (and only) seat of my dad’s Ford truck, with my dad driving.  At some point Ford added a backseat was added, then finally a second set of doors to get in and out.  My mom usually packed a jar of cold water (this was way before bottled water) just in case we needed it.

Growing up, the four of us rode to the pasture to check on the cows.  We rode by the Ford house to see if everything looked okay.  We rode over to Grandma’s house to stop in and say hello.  We rode out to the pasture to pick up pecan and gather pomegranates.  On Saturday nights, we rode over to Commerce to eat at El Sombrero.

When my older sister started driving, my parents and I rode by wherever she was supposed to be to make sure she was there.  This one came back to bite me when I started driving.

I think we may have ridden down every dirt road in the county.  That is where I learned to honk while going around a blind corner.

We even rode into town, which I find amusing since we lived 30 feet from the city limits!  I think that was a holdover from when my parents were young and lived way out in the country.

Right now, Mike and I are doing all we can to stay away from the dinner table and the Internet.  How about you?  What are you doing to pass the COVID time?

Soon it will be too hot to sit out, so we will just get in the car, crank the A/C and go riding around!

Archie likes to ride around. He spins in circles when we say we are going to go!

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