The Red Barn

My dad’s barn.

If you follow my photos on Instagram, you probably notice that I have a fascination with my dad’s old red barn.  It has been there my whole life.  It is beautiful!  My sister and I redid the exterior in 2008, but it is time again for some sprucing.

This time, though, I want to clean up and straighten up (my dad’s favorite phrase when he bought an old property) the inside as well.  It’s got good bones, as they say…or at least as far as barns go!  The hayloft is pretty cool.

Do you see the cross in the sky?
This is the same photo taken by my husband. He insists that his phone camera is better than my iPhone camera.

I believe my dad’s barn is a Texas-German style barn.  It could be a Prairie barn.  It has a gambrel (Dutch) roof, but design-wise, that is all I know.  He always kept it red with white trim, since red was his favorite color, and so red it will remain.  The barn will have to be a barn because we’ve got farm stuff (read this as junk) to shelter, but I think there will be room for a few extras as well.

So many of my favorite photos of the barn have to do with the light. I love the rays that shoot across this one.
My husband took this photo. The yellow and blue sky looks amazing with the red barn and green grass.

My nephew says it is kind of a landmark.  I don’t know about that, but it is a landmark for me and the homestead that my parents dearly loved.

It may not be Highclere Castle, but it still looks good against a beautiful sky.

I am hoping to refresh the outside with paint, add windows, and get a new roof.  On one side, I want to add a lean-to that can serve as a place to sit outside.

On the inside, I wouldn’t mind adding a bathroom.  I hope the barn can also be used as a rustic party barn for those times when we can’t fit everybody in the house or we don’t want to clean the house!

It looks like storm clouds are about to surround the barn.

The part I am most excited about is decorating the structure.  I have all my dad’s old dealership awards, and a few other items that I know would be right at home in my dad’s barn.

Another of my husband’s photos.

I dread getting the barn spruced up because of all the dust, spiders, and maybe even snakes!  However, I am also looking forward to this project because it will fun and challenging at the same time.  I hope to get to wield a hammer (stand back folks) and learn to use an electric saw (blogging with fewer fingers may be a challenge).  I will keep you posted on my progress!


Archie loves the barn. He likes to do a little rat killing in there!

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