The Little Things


Fall brings some amazing skies.

I love the fall!  It is my favorite season. But, of course, each season is my favorite season until the next one comes along.

The soft glow of lamplight paints a pretty scene on a fall evening.

The short days and long nights are soul soothing and heart warming IF you don’t have anything to do or accomplish. I am so unproductive when it is dark outside.  Although I don’t, I might as well go to bed!

My dad’s barn as night begins to fall.

This year I am trying to learn to appreciate the small beauties around me. A last rose of the season, a twilight glow of a dining room vignette, and a cozy chair for reading   are welcome treats to be savored during this season.

A teapot waits on a sideboard ready to provide a warm drink.

I am also buckling down and doing some things that I have been putting off. Cleaning out closets, organizing the pantry, and paring down belongings are my focus. Though I will never be a minimalist, I do want to lighten my load.

Archie enjoys a bit of sunlight during the shorter days.

I also want to catch up on reading, making a plan for my garden and prepare for a productive spring.  Although I will physically be hibernating, my mind will be active!

In all, I hope to learn to more fully appreciate the little things in life.  I think fall and the coming winter will allow me time to refuel, reflect and renew.

Standing ready for a good book and a warm drink.

So, as we say in the South, Happy Fall, y’all!!!

In my last post, I told you about the monthly subscription box of essential oils from Simply Earth.  With the first subscription box you order, you get a Bonus Box with extra bottles, carrier oils, etc.  In the monthly box, you receive four oils, six recipe cards and a few of the items needed for to make the recipes.  It is fun, educational, and a good way to cut down on synthetic scents in your home.

In addition to the recipes, I have been using my all-natural oils for diffusing and adding to homemade cleaning products.    If you want to give it a try, use the coupon code KAYLAP506, and you will receive a $50 voucher which can be used for $10 off your first 5 months of subscription boxes.  Just go to to learn more.

The November box will include the essential oils nutmeg, pine scotch, lime and a blend called love.  Also included is soy wax, candle wicks, and dried flowers. Recipes for candles, bath melts, potpourri disks, a roll on, and a diffuser blend are included.

This post is not sponsored, and I am not an affiliate of Simply Earth.  I just found something that I enjoy and thought that I would share!

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