My Sidekick, Archie

Archie enjoying a ride in the countryside.

Now that I am around the house more, Archie and I have more time to hang out.  I am better at understanding what he is trying to tell me, although I am not totally up-to-speed.

Recently, Archie accompanied me on a five hour driving trip.  He did really well with the trip, especially since we drove straight through. Going, he whined for four of the five hours.  I have learned to ignore the noises emanating from the backseat.  On the way back, I had treats within arm’s reach.  Each time he whined, I gave him a treat.  I only had to give him three treats, so I think that is okay.

He is such a cutie that I thought I should share a few photos of his favorite pastimes with you!  He is just as sweet as he is cute.

Archie enjoys…

Long naps


Sun bathing

Lounging around

And, bird watching

Right now, Archie is at my feet whining.  The time change has him confused as to the appropriate hour for mealtime.  But he will be ready for bed by 6 p.m., so I guess it evens out!

I have a new find that I have been enjoying!  In October, I signed up to receive the monthly subscription box with Simply Earth, which is an essential oil company.  With the first subscription box order, you get a Bonus Box with extra bottles, carrier oils, etc.  In the monthly box, you receive four oils, six recipe cards and a few of the items needed for to make the recipes.  It is fun, educational, and a good way to cut down on synthetic scents in your home.

In addition to the recipes, I have been using my all-natural oils for diffusing and adding to homemade cleaning products.    If you want to give it a try, use the coupon code KAYLAP506, and you will receive a $50 voucher which can be used for $10 off your first 5 months of subscription boxes.  Just go to to learn more.

The November box will include the essential oils nutmeg, pine scotch, lime and a blend called love.  Also included is soy wax, candle wicks, and dried flowers. Recipes for candles, bath melts, potpourri disks, a roll on, and a diffuser blend are included.

This post is not sponsored, and I am not an affiliate of Simply Earth.  I just found something I like and thought that I would share!

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