Follow-Up on Fleabites

There are so many holes in this shirt that they seem to want to run together.

A few weeks ago I posted about the tiny holes I get in my t-shirts from the button of my pants and the countertop creating friction which results in holes in the fabric in between the two surfaces.  Usually this means I get holes in t-shirts, especially when I am washing dishes.

A soft silver button cover saves the day!

Following that post (which can be read here), the owner of Holé reached out to me and told me about her product which is a silicone button cover.  Once the pants/jeans button is shielded by the soft rubbery cover, there is no longer friction between the button and the countertop.  Thus, shirts go hole-free.

For me, I have the hole-in-the-shirt problem when I am in the kitchen.  However, I could see that anyone that works around a hard surface counter would love these button covers.  I would think that people that work around automobiles would also benefit (or at least the paint jobs of the cars would benefit!).

I wish I had had these years ago!  I would have saved a lot of money on ruined shirts.

The covers are easy to put on and easy to remove.  The company says you can leave them on even through washing and drying.  It might be nice to have a cover for each pair of jeans I own so that I wouldn’t forget to put one on each day.

They are sold in a pack of four for $13.84.  I think these will be my new go-to gift for folks!  They are clever, unusual, and are appropriate for men or women.

To find out more about the covers, visit the Holé website here or check out my YouTube channel video here.

This post is not sponsored.  The covers were sent to me to try without a request for advertising or promotion.  But, I fell in love and decided to share!

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