Goals and Something New

Happy March!  2021 is one-sixth over already…can you believe it?

Each year, I set a few goals for myself.  One goal this year was to start posting videos for my YouTube Channel.  I had hoped to start posting in January, which I did!  It is not groundbreaking or world changing, but it was a goal that I accomplished.

Please go over,  and check it out.  I hope you will become a subscriber of my channel as well as this blog.   More importantly, I hope you will be an active reader and watcher.  Comment, participate and interact.  This is a space for doers, makers, bakers, learners, and experimenters!

Click here to see my very first YouTube Channel video.  The channel name is At Home With Kayla Price.

This was such a learning curve.  I had to learn to film, learn to edit, and learn to post on YouTube.  Hashtags, audio, photography, lighting, scripting, and so many other details had to be considered.  That doesn’t even account for the ideas and content.  All this for a minute and a half video.  Being a YouTuber is not easy!  I have new admiration for all YouTubers!

Whatever you have had your heart set on accomplishing this year, you need to go for it!  Give it a try. What is the worst that could happen?   It probably isn’t as bad as embarrassing yourself on YouTube, and I already did that one!

So here is to having goals and crushing them!


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