National Aunt and Uncle Day

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Today is National Aunt and Uncle Day.  If you have no nieces and nephews, you may not fully appreciate the meaning of the words Aunt and Uncle.

I am an Aunt to one nephew.  I have no children of my own.  I am a second-generation Aunt.  You may have known or read here on the blog about my Aunt E, who was larger than life and 100% a part of my immediate family.  She was NOT extended family; she was my second mom.

My sister and I have often discussed that when we talk about our Aunt E; people discount the meaning because they pigeonhole her role in our lives based on what they know an Aunt to be.

Between my mom, dad, and Aunt E, they were our primary caregivers, our disciplinarians, and our parents as we grew up.  My dad and mom passed away far too early, but Aunt E stayed with me until she was 92!  We had a ball!  I was thankful that I had a manfriend who loved, enjoyed, and entertained Aunt E as much as I did.  And she loved and entertained us.

This is my experience with an Aunt.  So, when I was blessed with a nephew, I wanted to be the best Aunt E that I could be to him.  We have had long meaningful talks, we have traveled the world together, and we have prayed together.  There is nothing he can’t tell me and nothing I can’t tell him. With no biological children of my own, he has been my son.

Of course, I have now been blessed with two wonderful stepsons and a sweet niece-in-law.  And again, all I know to do is to be the best Aunt E that I can be to them.

So when someone tells you they are an Aunt or Uncle, please listen to them.  You will be able to tell from the sparkle in their eyes and the stories they tell if they are a regular Aunt or the second mom that goes by the term Aunt.  And for those who think an Aunt or Uncle can’t understand what it is like to be a Mom or Dad, they are mistaken.  It is rude to even insinuate such.

By birth, we inherit monikers like Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, or Uncle, but it is the role we play in each other’s lives that determine the true meaning of these terms. Here is to all the Aunts and Uncles who have redefined what those terms mean!

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