It is National Ice Cream Month (Yippee!)

Image by silviarita from Pixabay.

My favorite food group has always been ice cream.  I have said this a thousand times…if I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, I would choose ice cream.

There is something about the creamy texture, the melt-in-the-mouth feel, and the amazing flavors that make ice cream my favorite treat.  I pretty much love all flavors except most nut flavors (Black Walnut, Buttered Pecan, Pistachio).  However, if that is all I have available, then I will eat them.

The funny thing is that my husband’s favorite ice creams are the nut flavors listed above.  He likes to buy a tub of one of those every now and then.  The good thing is he knows I am not likely to eat any.

I wish I could eat an ice cream cone this big! This plastic ice cream cone was located outside a gelato store in Italy.

My absolute favorites are a really good vanilla, peppermint, cinnamon, bubble gum, and coffee.  I love Blue Bell’s Bride’s Cake and Christmas Cookie as well as Goldenbrook’s Red Velvet.

Ice cream sandwiches and drumsticks are also favorites.  Many years ago I took off work for a week to finish my dissertation.  For the entire week, the only thing I wanted to eat was Blue Bunny ice cream sandwiches.  If Brookshire’s would have run out, I would have been in trouble.  Thankfully they had a full stock, and by the end of the week my dissertation was complete, and I was ready for a real meal.

An array of ice cream in cookie cups make for a lovely dessert.

I enjoy Dairy Queen’s ice cream (and of course their Blizzards…Hawaiian is my favorite), as well as anything from Braum’s, but most likely I would choose peppermint.   I prefer just ice cream in a cone, but every now and then I might get a hot fudge sundae.

I grew up eating a lot of Baskin Robbins bubble gum flavor ice cream.  I loved to collect the cold gum on a napkin until it thawed.  I would finish my ice cream cone, and then I would put all of the hot pink colored squares of gum in my mouth to enjoy as a second treat.

One of our summer treats, if we were good, was to go for an ice cream.  Sometimes it was a family outing or sometimes just my mom, sister and myself.  When I was growing up there was usually a carton of ice cream in the fridge all summer long.

A refreshing treat consisting of orange slices and ice cream. Yum!

I remember my dad sometimes pouring Coke straight into the carton of ice cream when it was almost empty.  I am sure whoever was washing dishes (probably my mom) appreciated having one less bowl to clean.  It is funny to think back on that because my dad always wanted to stay trim.  I guess he either exercised more when he did that or skimped on calories elsewhere.

Twice I have been lucky enough to judge the World Famous Hopkins County Ice Cream Freeze Off.  I still recall an amazing flavor which was Avocado and Coconut.  It may not sound that good, but it was worthy of being a permanent flavor.  Yum!  It was always difficult to rank because there were really good entries each year.

An eye-catching gelato (an Italian-style ice cream) display in Milan, Italy.

In a college public relations class, we spent our semester working on a project involving ice cream.  I remember Mr. Andresen telling us to research every aspect of ice cream, from how long it would set in the sink before melting to most popular flavors.  That was probably my favorite class ever.  I know ice cream sales in Commerce, Texas went up that semester just with my research/purchases!

I used to make ice cream a lot at home.  My favorites to make are vanilla, strawberry banana, and peach.    I haven’t made any in many years since I probably don’t need any extra calories.  We rarely even keep ice cream in the house because of my addiction!  Every now and then, we will go to Braum’s or Dairy Queen, and I will try to behave myself!

Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay.

My favorite way to enjoy a bowl of ice cream at home it to let the carton set out on the counter for a few minutes until the ice cream softens.  Then spoon a generous amount into a bowl and let that set for a bit so that some of it is melted.  I like a bit of the melted part with the frozen part in each spoonful.  If eating out of a carton, I like to eat the edges first once they have melted a bit.

There is a new Blue Bell flavor out which I wanted to try.  I believe it was Coconut Cream Pie ( or was it banana cream pie), either way, I love them both.  But I have refrained from going to the store to get a gallon because the gallon wouldn’t last long around me.

Image by Here and now, unfortunately, ends my journey on Pixabay from Pixabay.

What are your favorite flavors of ice cream?  Do you like to make it as well as eat it?  Do you prefer Coke floats, root beer floats, or Big Red floats?

Yes, I have always wanted to have an ice cream store!  I have designed it as well as the menu a million times in my head.  I doubt that I would ever give it a try, but it sure makes a nice daydream!

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