Day Dreaming

I don’t know about you, but I am finding myself day dreaming about the most wonderful vacations!  Maybe it is because my iPhone keeps showing me photos from previous vacations, but the urge to travel is great.

A peaceful scene in St. Lucia.

Obviously not being able to travel as much as we would have for the last year has had a great impact on the desire to go.  Like so many, we were due to fly to California even before travel restrictions had been imposed.  We cancelled because the international conference that my husband was due to attend was cancelled.  There was another scheduled vacation that got cancelled as well.

The Titanic Museum in Branson, Missouri.

We did make take a driving vacation to Santa Fe, New Mexico in September and another to Banner Elk, North Carolina in May.  That trip was to end with a few days at the Biltmore and Ashville as well as Harbor Town in Memphis, but due to the pipeline issue and the I-40 bridge issue, we changed plans and went to Laurel, Mississippi (click here to read more about Laurel) and our old favorite, Natchez, Mississippi (of course we stayed at the Monmouth!).

So where is my mind taking me these days?  Anything beach!  We finally gave up on Dafuskee Island as our plans were cancelled twice due to impending bad weather and damage due to bad weather.  Of course, Orange Beach is on the radar for us as well as the rest of the country, thus a vacation rental that meets all our criteria is not readily available.  The Maldives, American Virgin Islands, and Ibiza are high on my list once the pandemic settles down.

A picture-perfect view from North Captiva Island, Florida.

Even though sun and sand are speaking to me now, I still have a rather long travel wish list.  I would LOVE to drive across the US and see as much as I can of our country.  One example can be found at This Map Shows the Ultimate U.S. Road Trip | Mental Floss.  This would be EPIC!

A beautiful church in the center of Mosso Santa Maria, Italy.

Other points of interest around the globe include:  Israel, Egypt, Dubai, Northern Ireland (I already covered the lower part of the country, but going back would be wonderful as well), Greece, the English Cotswolds (while I am in the neighborhood I still need to see Highclere Castle, the filming location of Downtown Abbey, more of France outside of Paris, the Eastern part of Italy, Morocco, Germany, Monte Carlo, China, Japan, Brussels, Switzerland, and Denmark.  I will probably think of more, but that will keep me busy for a few years.  Those points of interest not listed are either places I have been (and every place I have visited has been a place I wouldn’t mind seeing again!) or else it just hasn’t hit my radar yet.

The Big Apple at night.

Sadly, my TSA pre-check and Global Entry passes have expired!  I should go ahead and begin the process of getting them renewed so that I will be ready to go when the time comes.  At least my passport is still valid.

The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.

What destination have you chosen for your next trip?  Is it booked yet?  What is on your travel bucket list?  And, is it as long as mine above?

A walkway at the Edison Ford Winter Estates in Florida.

As always, pack light (to see my post on packing light click here), and be ready for a few bumps along the way!   Aren’t those unexpected experiences all just part of the fun, learning and exploration?  Why stress over things that can’t be avoided unless we decide to just hibernate in our homes.  I don’t know about you, but I have tried that recently and it wasn’t all that much fun!

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