Christmas Gift Idea – Advent Calendars

The FeelUnique Advent calendar is full of beauty products.
Maybe I am late to the party, but it seems like Advent Calendars are a really hot Christmas gift this year.  I am loving them as a gift because there is an advent calendar out there for everybody’s tastes!
An advent calendar typically counts down the days of advent which usually starts at the end of November.  Most of the ones you see for sale will begin on Dec. 1.  You would want to give this to your recipient at the beginning of December.  Depending on what you are spending and your budget, you may choose to get another gift for under the tree on Christmas Day.
The FeelUnique Advent Calendar is filled with 25 drawers. Notice anything wrong? Hint: Check out the second row.
Some calendars are prefilled with 12 to 25 items.  For example, this make-up advent calendar I purchased from FeelUnique has 25 generous samples.  From masks to lip gloss there are all sorts of new products for a beauty fiend to try.   An internet search shows that there are lots of make-up advent calendars that provide all products from one brand or, like the one from FeelUnique, a variety of brands and products.
A sample of the contents. Click here to shop.
There are also cute empty advent calendars, such as the wooden one below,  that allow the gift giver to fill the spaces with treats like candy, Christmas ornaments, diamonds, or cash!  If you are filling one, hold the big gift for the 25th.
This wooden Advent Calendar is sure to be a favorite year after year.  I just ordered one!  Click here to shop.
Better yet, a sweet note, poem or message in each drawer would probably be as welcome as small gifts and much more cherished.  The calendar above only has 24 drawers so that Christmas Day is left for a larger gift.
What makes Advent calendars so desirable to me is the fact that they provide the receiver samples of items.  Maybe they like some or maybe they disliked some.  Somewhere in there, there is probably something he or she will like!
As with all gifts, start searching with a budget in mind.  And order early!!!  These things sell out quickly. Prices I saw ranged from $25 for a wine sampler from WSJournal Wines to $999.00 for a Scottish whisky sampler, if your recipients like adult beverages.
Fillings range from sweets (such as Harry and David), beauty, perfumes, and alcoholic beverages to a theme calendar for most fans out there…Harry Potter, the Beatles, Star Trek, Dolly Parton, Dr. Who, coin collectors, rock collectors, etc.
For the candle lovers Volespa has one, for tea lovers check out Fortum and Mason, for beauty lovers Sephora and Keihls.  There is even an advent calendar for doggies in which they get a little treat each day!  Archie would have it all torn open and eaten on the first day.
Here are some of my favorites!
For young folks:
This could provide hours of entertainment! Click here to shop.


This is a fun bath bomb Advent Calendar that would delight anyone who enjoys soaking in a tub.  Click here to shop.
Science Experiments would be fun, educational, and entertaining.  Click here to shop.


For those budding rock collectors, this Advent Calendar would be perfect. Click here to shop.


A fun way to protect your recipients’ lips during the winter months, a Chapstick Advent Calendar.  Click here to shop.
Magic and tricks based on S.T.E.M. for fun and learning. Click here to shop.
I know that I listed this as a gift for young people, but I wouldn’t mind this as a present!  Click here to shop.


For the hot chocolate lovers, this Grinch set would be fun!  Click here to shop.


For grown-ups:

Ulta Beauty’s is filled with 12 beauty items.   Click here to shop.


Something for the coffee lover. Click here to shop.
This would be a welcome gift for any tea lover. Click here to shop.
How about Godiva chocolates for those with a sweet tooth. Click here to shop. 


This would be a great gift for the grill master in your life.  Click here to shop.


Honey and fruit spreads would be a lovely gift for tea lovers and/or breakfast lovers. Click here to shop.


Maybe my favorite of all…a mindfulness Advent Calendar that gives you a daily task to increase your mindfulness at Christmas time. Click here to shop.


For those that like chocolate covered liqueurs, there is an Advent Calendar just for them! Click here.


There are several wine Advent Calendars out there for the wine lovers among us. Click here.
For furry ones:
With this Advent Calendar, there is a dog biscuit behind ever door. I would imagine this is for well trained dogs only!  Click here to shop.  
A fill-your-own Advent Calendar is an option for any of your friends and family.  I love the idea of filling-your-own.  Hair ties, make up, perfume, hand creams, lotions, bath bombs and gels, sleep socks, nail polish, essential oils, and sweet treats will fill up the drawers.  Or maybe, cologne, cigars, candy, cash, socks, ties, glass cleaning wipes, phone chargers, pens, card case are a few ideas.   The contents do not have to be expensive.  Go to the Dollar Store and see what you can find.
If you have gifts that are too large for the small drawers, why not turn it into a treasure hunt with a clue as to where to find the actual present?  If you really want to be challenging, let the clue in the drawer lead to another clue.  Your recipient will know how much time and effort you put in to make their present special.

Of course, you can always make your own with a few brown paper bags.  Bags can be decorated with a theme or stickers.  However you choose to decorate, they MUST have the bags numbered (1-12 or 1-25, depending on how many gifts you are giving).  Let the recipient open one per day!  You can always throw them off, by adding heavy items (such as flat glass marbles that go in the bottom of a vase) at the bottom of the bag of something small or light.  Be sure to write “fragile” on the bags that contains breakables. Arrange the bags on a table or provide one bag per day.  Get really crafty and hang the bags from a Christmas tree.
A simple Advent Calendar that is fun for the entire family!  Click here to shop.
I must admit, my favorite Advent Calendars are still the felt kind where you simply add an ornament to the tree each day.  No gifts involved, just a little joy each day.
Whatever gifts you plan to give this year, and as I have said so many times, please order early so you (and your recipient) aren’t disappointed!


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