Foraging For Fall Décor

As we all know, the most beautiful decorations are from nature.  Be it a seascape, landscape, sky or sunset, beauty is all around us.  So why not bring a little bit into our homes to enjoy?

There are so many lovely natural decorations just waiting to be harvested.  I personally have a thing with pinecones of all kinds…big/little, long/thin, old/young…they each have a beauty of their own, just like humans.

Leaves with their different shapes, sizes and, this time of year, colors, are also a favorite of mine.  In my part of Texas we normally get two colors of leaves:  living and dead.  But I hold out hope for burgundy, red, peach, orange, yellow, bright green, and bronze leaves to fill my yard.  Maybe I can buy a bag of real fall leaves somewhere!

Another staple for fall decorating is corn stalks which always create a backbone or frame for a lovely outdoor display.  Dried corn cobs look lovely in a table display or a few tied together look nice.  I still  have some colorful Indian corn from several years back.

Square hay bales can add height variation as well as texture and color to an outdoor display.  You can also find small square hay bales that are nice to use indoors for the same purpose.  These will need to be purchased unless you happen to bale hay.  I never have, but I can usually find a farmer willing to loan me a few bales for the season.

Branches with or without leaves are lovely to add to a vase or create a small bunch when tied with twine.  Upright or horizontal, they add another color and texture to displays.  Most of us will have some fallen limbs in our yards this time of year, so why not use them indoors?

Nuts and small bits like sweetgums, buckeyes, seed pods, and pine needles add a bit of texture and dimension to displays.  Leave them as found, fill a basket with a selection, or spray paint a few to add some color or sparkle to your display.  For example, a basket full of sweet gums is lovely, but spray paint a few silver and mix in, and there will be real visual interest.

Wheat is so a lovely autumnal color and a vase of wheat stalks is striking on its own.   Even a handful bound by a ribbon or twine can add an element of nature when rested on a table.

Cattails, bunny tails, or pampas grass plumes from prairie grass add height and softness to fall floral displays.  They come in varying colors from blonde to brown, so they add a bit of color, if needed.

Cotton bolls are just so lovely.  My aunts picked lots of them in their youth, so I heard stories of how they hurt their hands.  They are beautiful to add to displays and floral arrangements, and to serve as reminder of my hardworking aunts and grandparents.

This time of year, you may have garden vegetables that have flowered that could provide some lovely contrast for floral arrangements.  My basil, mint, and parsley are all providing me with some great filler for a fall arrangement.  I will probably add some lavender blooms for color.

My go-to for fall and Christmas is evergreens stems, with my favorite being holly branches with bright red berries.  Typically, the berries won’t be red until December, so for fall they will probably be green.

If you have small children or pets, you will want to avoid plants that have berries and anything that could be poisonous or a choking hazard.

If you don’t have access to these things in nature, many are available online for purchase.  I will add links for a few below.

On the glorious splendor of your majesty, and on your wondrous works, I will meditate.  Psalms145:5

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Photos are all from my recent trip to Park City, Utah.  The fall colors were almost neon they were so vivid.  The camera does not accurately show how vibrant the vistas were to see.

Links for natural fall decor:

Leaves:  This is an option on etsy.
Corn stalks:
Dried corn cobs:
Square hay bales (full size):
Square hay bales (small):
Birch Logs:
Branches:  Get them from your yard for free!
Unshelled nuts:  Walnuts or Pecans (look cute displayed in the bag)
Sweet gums:
Seed pods:  Magnolia on etsy or  Mimosa on etsy.
Pine needles:  Forage for at a park or in your yard.
Pine cones: or for Spruce
Cat tails:
Bunny tails:
Pampas grass plumes:
Cotton bolls:

My small collection of pine cones from a walk.

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