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Did you know that Amazon carries premium fashion brands such as Vince, Shohanna, Paige, Mackage, and Dolce & Gabbana?  Or that Amazon has their own brands of fashion for women, men, children, sports, jewelry, etc.?  Or that Prime members can order up to eight articles of clothing and only pay for the items they keep with the Prime Try Before You Buy program?

Although we should always shop local when possible, for those times that you can’t find what you need locally, then you may want to consider Amazon fashions as an alternative.  And sometimes the prices are cheaper than the big online clothing retail stores.

I wanted a  specific pair of Vince shearling slippers last winter.  After a thorough search, I found them for about half price on Amazon. Yay!

I do have some small ticket favorites that I want to share with you.  These are items that I use and enjoy.

Silk Camisole from Fishers Finery.

I have purchased several pieces (silk camisoles and silk tap pants) from Fishers Finery and have been pleased with all of them.  My favorite is this silk camisole, which I purchased in white.  It is perfect to wear as a second layer for warmth.  For dresses and blouses that are a little too low cut, wear this underneath and the pretty lace will peek out while providing some modesty.

This camisole came with a mesh bag for washing, which I use for small socks, masks, reusable cotton rounds, as well as machine washable silk.  Not all their products do include a bag, so check the description before you order.

These flat, stretchy belts are advertised as fitting size 0-16. I believe it!

There are other more expensive and well-known flat belts out there.  I have had two of the Invisibelts.  The buckle quickly broke on both.  I went looking for a more durable alternative and found these elastic flat belts.  The great thing is that they fit most adult sized waists.  Seriously!  The pack I purchased came with four.  I don’t need more than 2 (a light and a dark), so I gave one to my son who usually shops in big and tall departments.  Yep, it fit him!

They are small and flexible, which makes them easy to pack for travel.  They also lay flat against your waist, so they don’t show under t-shirts or blouses.  The clip is metal, so they are not going to break as easily as the more expensive plastic buckle kind.

This basket bag is well-made, sturdy, and cute, which belies its inexpensive price tag.

At first this bag just sat around and wasn’t used.  Towards the end of summer, I was carrying this all the time.  It is well-made, inexpensive, and a great, useable size.  With the addition of a ribbon bow around the handle or twilly scarf (long, thin scarf) wrapped on one or both handles, you can accent the bag to go with a specific outfit or leave it plain to go with everything you wear.

Not only can you put this on the soles of your shoes, but also use it to protect the paint on your car!

If you have shoes with leather soles (and especially if you have some with a fancy painted sole), you will want to cover them with protective adhesive strips before you wear them out of the house.  These strips will protect the painted soles from wearing away (after all you are paying for those soles!), but they also prolong the life of leather soles.

If you wear many shoes with leather soles, you know that they can become very slippery when they are wet.  These covers will aid in keeping the soles dry.

It is much easier to protect your leather goods than to try to restore them.

This is great to use on leather shoes and handbags to prevent them from being ruined by water stains.  As with any product such as this, you will want to test the product on a small, inconspicuous area before spraying the entire shoe or handbag.

Read the directions to see if reapplication is required every so often.

This makes all the difference in the world to make an outfit look its best! It is also great to get hair, dust and dirt off of bedspreads, fabric furniture, and hard to get to places in your car or room corners.

Archie is a beautiful West Highland Terrier (like the Little Cesar’s dog) and has lots of white hair that finds its way to all my black clothes.  This lint roller is super sticky to get every little everything off of clothes!  Even if you don’t have dogs, it is much better than a normal sticky lint roller.

These are my favorite padded hangers. I have purchased them for several years.

Now that it is sweater season, you will want to make sure that if you hang your sweaters, sweater dresses, or jersey dresses that you hang them on padded hangers.  There is nothing worse than pulling out something to wear and realizing that the shoulders have stretched out due to the hanger.  Sometimes this will come out when the item is washed, but sometimes it ruins the item.

If you are going to invest in nice clothes, then you also need to invest in ways to help maintain them.  Padded hangers are an excellent way to store coats, silk blouses, linen clothing, as well as knits.

Prime Try Before You Buy Program:

Fishers Finery (lace trimmed camisole):
Fishers Finery (spaghetti-strap camisole):
Fishers Finery (boxers):
Stretch Belts (similar in a 2 pack):
Basket Bag:
3M paint protection for shoes:
Apple Brand Rain and Stain Repellant:
Scotch Brite Pet Extra Sticky Hair Lint Roller:
Padded hangers:

All items have been purchased and paid for by me.  I am including these links for your convenience to find products mentioned.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.  This does not increase the price you pay.  Any earnings will help me to support and improve my channel.

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