Star, Angel, or Bow?


The 2019 Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

The most iconic of Christmas decorations is the tree.  Whether it stands in the White House, Rockefeller Center, the town square or your living room, if all we do to decorate for Christmas is put up a tree then that is okay.

Theoretically, and thinking like a child, you have to have a tree for the presents to be collected so that they can tantalize you while waiting for December 25th!

The Sulphur Springs Christmas tree which stands in the middle of the square with the Courthouse behind it.  Sulphur Springs went with a fanciful star top.

Some of us prefer real trees, and some prefer artificial.  Some prefer pencil trees, and some prefer triangular shaped trees.  Some of us like retro tinsel trees, and some of us are enjoying the rebirth of flocked trees!

I love my small seashell tree topped with a ring of small shells.

Decorations cover an even wider range of tastes and styles!  And I think I love them all!  I have had trees decorated in shells, snowmen, Santa Claus, antique glass ornaments, lions, red/white/blue Americana, French country style ornaments, and the classic collected-over-time hodgepodge.

An antique red glass finial that I have collected.

The ornaments my Aunt Pinkie made and mailed to me to finish are some of my favorites.  They are jeweled icicles, which are so dear to me.  Aunt Pinkie passed away soon after I received the icicles.  I also have many of the ornaments that were on our family tree when I was growing up.  I think I even have one of my Grandmother Price’s blue silk balls which she added to gold angels for her Christmas tree decorations each year.

My grandmother’s little glass ornament tree.

My Aunt E had a blue and ivory Angel trimmed in gold that she would top her tree with.  I am not sure if it was store bought or handmade, but it was lovely.  My mom usually topped hers with a star.

My tiny red rose and Lenox ornament tree that I usually display in the study.  It gets topped with red roses.

I have used just about everything at one time or another as a tree topper.  I used to have a tree in every room, so each had something different.  My favorite toppers were a glass finial that my sister gave to me and a gold spray of pearls, which seemed so fancy!  I no longer have time for that much decorating, so, for the last few years, my main tree has been topped with a spray of flowers and crystal covered twigs.

My tree in a version from a few years ago.

Traditionally we are accustomed to seeing a star (to represent the star of Bethlehem) or angel (to represent the angels that appeared over Bethlehem to announce Jesus’ birth) as the tree-topper, but in the last years decades I have seen more bows at the top of trees.  Other favorites are theme related items (such as a cowboy hat for a western tree) or ornate, blown glass finials.

The Christmas tree at My Ok-La-Home in Broken Bow, OK is topped with red squiggly picks.

What do you use for a tree topper?  Star, angel, bow or something else?  Do you have a favorite?

My favorite tree toppers this year:

Glass finial:

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