Let’s Get Organized!

Closet goals!

Oh my goodness!  Due to my house being topsy-turvy (updating a bathroom) I have lost any amount of organization that used to exist in my life!  I can clearly say that I cannot take this disorganization anymore.

Since I can’t install a new countertop or grout tile, then I am left with trying to keep the part of the house not affected by the bathroom update (pretty much half of the house is affected due to items being stored for use in the bathroom, a bathroom being used by the workers, and then the actual bathroom area) in a clean and orderly manner.

I usually keep my sewing supplies and ironing board in my craft room.  Since I can’t really get to my craft room right now, I have moved all that stuff to the master bedroom (bless my husband for not complaining).    So now the master bedroom is a mess.  This is just one example of how the entire house has gotten out of hand.

Since I have been spending more time at home, my office has also suffered.  Instead of filing things or putting them where they go, I have stacked them on my desk or credenza.  This is a classic example of the snowball effect!  And really it started before the bathroom update.  It started with COVID when I would purchase a bit more canned food, flour, toilet paper than needed so that I wouldn’t need to go to the store as often.  I had so many items that they did not all fit in their designated storage areas.  So now counters are used in addition to cabinets.  Ugh!

The only thing I have kept on top of is cleaning.  The bathrooms, kitchen, etc. may be messy, but they are safe to live in!

As I look around at the overwhelming situation in which I find myself, I wonder, “Where does one begin?”  Please tell me that you have experienced this at some point in your life!  I really hate to think I am alone in this.

I plan to take one room at a time to weed out unnecessary and unwanted items.  Since the kitchen will be the easiest to tackle, plus one room that must remain useable, I will start there.  Then my closet will be next since that should help with two hanging racks that are currently residing in a corner of the master bedroom.    Finally conquering the bedroom will complete the main areas we are using at the moment.

Hopefully, by that point, my new friends who cut, saw, and generally do things I have no clue how to do will be on to their next house.  That will allow me to get back in the worst of the dust, dirt, clutter, and overall mess.  I think I will just work my way down the hall, starting with the guest bath and ending with my craft room.

Just to set the scene of the craft room, imagine a medium to large-sized fabric stash all covered in an eighth of an inch of dust!  The fabric which had once looked so pretty in neat colorful rows is now the dustiest thing EVER.  At least I had the foresight to remove my sewing machine and serger prior to the start of the dust bowl!  I wish I had also thought to cover the shelves of fabric with old sheets.

All I know to do is to take bite-sized projects with which I can be successful, such as cleaning and sorting a pantry or vacuuming a shelf of fabric each day.  Although no one project will solve my problem, cumulatively those projects will help me to overcome the clutter.

If you have any suggestions for me and other readers, please share!  We could all benefit!

Thank you for reading!

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