My Mom Called Them “Get-Ups”


Do you ever find yourself wearing an outfit that really just seems a bit weird?  I have done a lot of that lately as I am trying to clean out my closet and wear things that I have pushed aside.  As part of that process, I find myself wearing clothing combinations that my mom always described as “get-ups.”

She would say, “What kind of get-up is she wearing?”  Or, “How about this get-up?”  It was her way of saying, “That outfit is odd!”

Last week’s get-up was a silk paisley dress with tights and knee boots.  I topped it with a short collarless jacket.  Yep, it was quite the get-up!

I figure that if I wear something, and it clearly doesn’t work for me, there will be no hanging on to it for what-ifs!  I will put it straight in the get-rid-of-it pile.  The boots and tights were fine, but the silk paisley dress is waiting for a new home.

Another strange one I wore lately was a peach and khaki green floral dress with a khaki green cardigan over it.  To define my waist, I added a brown belt.  I have no recollection of what shoes topped that off, but yep, it was most definitely a get-up!

Some people are made to pull-off unusual and/or creative outfits.  But I, on the other hand, should stick to simple combinations of refined pieces.  I think they work better with my style/lifestyle/life.  For much of my life, I dressed in professional skirt suits, pantsuits, and dresses.  I have been giving a more casual style a chance, but I don’t think it is working for me.

As far back as college, when I was working for my dad, I couldn’t rock a get-up.  I remember working at my dad’s car dealership, and my dad called me out on my outfit.  This was the late 1980s or early 1990s when all things big and oversized were in vogue (welcome back 90s!).  On my 90 pound frame, I was wearing an army green oversized shirt with a matching long (to the ankles), straight skirt.  That day, my waist was defined with a large honey leather belt, and my feet donned leather knee boots to match.  At least my dad didn’t have to worry that I was showing too much skin.  All that could be seen were my face and hands!  Needless to say, that outfit was never seen on me again!

I think cooler months lead to more get-ups.  The opportunity to layer provides me with an opportunity to over clothe myself.  Even today, while just hanging out at the house, I have on Spanx pant/leggings, which probably should have been sent back, a long pink sweater, and a silk shell.  Although each piece by itself is okay, together they look strange.

Before heading out on my errands later, I will need to change from my get-up to a normal outfit.  One of these days I am going to adopt the mantra “when-in-doubt, send it back!”

In my past, I have always stuck to a classic style of dressing.  I am not sure that experimentation is serving me well.  Back to my usual style, but only after I make my way through my closet!

Do you ever find yourself wearing a get-up?

Thank you for reading!

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