Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

This 1909 postcard features a poem, harp, shamrocks, and a pledge of allegiance to Ireland (Erin Go Bragh).

Since today is the day that you either wear green or get pinched, I thought it might be fun to arm you with a few fun facts.  If you forgot to wear green, then maybe you could impress your aggressor with a bit of trivia surrounding this day.

  • The fourth largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the U.S. is held in Savannah.
  • Corned beef is not a popular Irish dish, though Americans tend to think it is.
  • If you catch a Leprechaun, you can ask him to tell you where he hid his pot of gold.
  • Saint Patrick used the shamrock to symbolize the Holy Trinity.
  • Guinness beer is too dark to be dyed green; nor would an Irishman want to ruin their beer!
  • Shamrocks are the national symbol of Ireland.
  • Clover is a member of the pea family.
  • It is estimated that 14 million pints of Guinness are sold around the world on Saint Patrick’s Day.
  • Saint Patrick’s Day is held on March 17 which is the anniversary of the death of Saint Patrick.
  • A group of clover is known as a cluff.
  • Leprechauns pinch anyone they can see; those wearing green are invisible to Leprechauns…this is why we wear green on Saint Patrick’s Day!
  • Saint Patrick’s Day is held to recognize the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.

Have a wonderful Saint Patrick’s Day!  I hope you find a pot of gold!

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