It’s Gardening Season!

I made a quick jaunt through the gardening section of Lowe’s recently and was thrilled to see vegetables and flowers already on the shelves.

This time of year is when Mother Earth has been known to play a few tricks on us.  We plant our flowers and sprouts thinking that warm weather has arrived only to have a bit of frost take its toll.

I always caution myself to wait until Easter to put out plants, but like a child on Christmas morning, I just can’t wait.  In the past, I have tried to use smaller outdoor planters to house new plants that I could also distribute around the inside of the house until we were in the clear.  This has worked well.

I am still learning about gardening, but I do feel that I have outgrown my raised planters.  I daydream endlessly about a lovely English green house, but since they cost almost as much as a house, I acknowledge that there is slim hope that I would ever actually get one.  Right now, a raised bed on the ground sounds good, but I don’t even have that yet!

It would be wonderful to grow enough vegetables to feed us during the summer.  I know my grandparents grew their food.  Surely somewhere in my DNA I have the ability to be able to do this.

Since my gardening work is not always rewarded with fruits of my labor, I do wonder about those who garden to save money. It takes a lot of time and supplies to get a harvest. Sometimes it seems like it might be easier and cheaper to run to the grocery store.

If I did acquire a run-of-the-mill greenhouse (not the fancy one of Instagram dreams), then that would run the overhead up considerably!  I would end the summer with sufficient herbs, a couple of tomatoes and a few carrots, all for the price of a week’s vacation!   But the experience must be worth something!  Getting out in the sunshine, digging in the dirt, having a hobby…it all soothes the soul, and provides inner peace and a mild workout!

There is such satisfaction in eating something you grew. I keep forgetting that I have two kinds of kale growing, both which have survived my derelict treatment.  Now that I have found it, I plan to add some kale to each meal. What a great source of fresh greens!

No matter how hard I try, growing a plentiful tomato crop seems to elude me. Either the birds beat me to them (but I have a new way of overcoming that issue) or my vines just don’t produce many. There is nothing better than a fresh, homegrown tomato off the vine. This for me is a gardening goal!

Will you be gardening this year?  How does your garden grow?  In windowsills or in rolling hills all in a row?!

Happy planting!

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