Growing Season

We haven’t even hit spring yet, and I am already behind!  I have yet to plant a single seed or bulb. I have purchased several but just admired the packaging!

My limited gardening skills prevent me from doing all that I would love to do in the flower beds, planters, pots and garden. I think back to my mom who always had a garden in the back yard when I was young. Later in life she planted tomatoes and okra in blue tubs behind the house

My mom also loved plants.  She had all sorts growing in her flowerbeds, from dinner plate hibiscus near the pool to 5 o’clocks outside her bedroom window. Spider lilies still come up around the house.

My grandmother always grew veggies along with flowers in her flower beds. She grew banana peppers (one of my favorites), bell peppers, and tomatoes.

Last year I purchased a calendar from Charles Downing that told you when to do what in the garden. Apparently the UK’s growing season is pretty close to Zone 8 which I am in. The problem was I never looked at the calendar, so I never made progress!

“For everything there is a season. A time for every activity under the heaven.  A time to live and a time to die. A time to plant and a time to sow.”  Ecclesiastical 3:1-8.

My growing season may be a bit shorter than most due to my reluctance to get started,  but it will be rewarding nevertheless. I may have mentioned that all my plants died this year except kale and chives.  That means I need to get busy, or I will miss herbs, salads, and other vegetables this summer and fall.

Since it is still very cold outside, I rely on heating mats and covered seed starter trays.  No more procrastinating!  I am going to grab my seed box to survey what I need to purchase!

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