Holiday Bean Bags

Easter chicks go great with porcelain place cards.
Easter chicks go great with porcelain place cards.

This is a fun craft to do for your kiddos, with your kiddos, or just for cute holiday decorations.  I love these festive little things.

You will need:

Felt, enough for fronts, backs and any decorations on your bean bags, in appropriate colors; or you could use different colored fabric without the embellishments, if you want something more plain
Beans, cheap as they come
Thread in coordinating colors
Optional cotton balls or other items that will look cute on your bean bags

Let your imagination be your guide on these.  Use the techniques presented here to make all sorts of designs.

Let’s make bunnies for our Easter table.  Using a pattern based on a cookie cutter, coloring book page, or free online pattern, cut out two white bunnies.  I want the ruffled edge of cutting with pinking shears, but a straight cut will work perfectly as well.  I want to do some small highlights on the bean bag, which for my bunny will be a pink ear center and a cotton tail.

With pale pink felt, cut out an ear center, which will be about 1/4 smaller all around the  outer ear.  Cut the bottom flat.  Sew the ear on from the back side, using a stitch that does not show from the front.

With a running stitch sew along the front and back of the bunny together, with a 1/4-inch seam allowance.  Leave an opening of about one inch.  Fill with as many beans as you want.  I like mine about 2/3 full.

Sew the final 1-inch opening closed.  With fabric glue, add the cotton ball on the tail.  Presto!  You have a cute little bunny that doesn’t melt or need feeding.

For my chickens, I used French knots to create eyes and an orange diamond-shaped piece of felt to craft the beak.  I pressed the diamond in half and glued the fold line to the chicken.

I think these would be cute in kids or grandkids Easter baskets.  You could even write a message on the back in permanent marker or embroider your name and date on the back piece before sewing together.

These would also make cute place card holders for your Easter dinner.

Use cookie cutters as pattern for bean bags for tic tac toe, corn hole and table decorations.
Use cookie cutters as patterns for bean bags for tic tac toe, bean bag toss and table decorations.

If you made 3 of one design (like a bunny) and 3 of another (like a chick), you could play bean bag toss (corn hole) or tic, tac, toe.

You can make some of these for all seasons: shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day, hearts for Valentine’s Day, stars for Memorial Day, leaves for fall, turkeys for Thanksgiving, snowflakes for winter, presents for Christmas, etc.  Fun, fun, fun!

For more ideas on easy patterns, check out this earlier post.

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