It is time for a refresh.  The long-awaited kitchen renovation is getting underway today.  It has been exhausting up to this point.  I have moved everything in one side of the house to the other side of the house.  Every nook and cranny of the receiving side of the house has been filled with anything that fit.  For example, my hanging file drawer in my desk in the craft room now contains a glass wine cooler.  It saves space and, in this case, protects the glass cooler from breakage.

Every night after work, I have boxed and moved each and every item in my hall closet, bar, pantry, kitchen and cedar closet.  It has been overwhelming.  The upside is that I am getting plenty of steps on my Fitbit!  This slow move has been going on for a month now.

While we are in the period of flux, I will be making do in another kitchen.  I won’t have access to tea pots, crepe pans, cookie cutters, or my recipe stash.  Instead, I will be making things in basic pots and pans with basic tools and ingredients.  I wish my grandmothers, both excellent cooks, were here to show me the way.

The kitchen update project is expected to last a month.  I am planning on two months, plus a month to move back in.  During the renovation portion, I think I may be as refreshed as my house!  I won’t have home projects to work on; I won’t be buying anything but food and gas.  No need for clothes or housewares.  Actually, I plan to read a great deal and catch up on books purchased but yet to be opened.

We tend to think of Spring as a time to refresh.  This project did get underway in the Spring, but will likely carry me through the Summer!

At some point in the near future, food posts will have photos with a background of something other than small burgundy tiles!  That is actually what I most look forward to!

So here is to refreshing!  Inside and outside, physically and mentally, financially and spiritually, we all could use a refresh every now and then!  It may not be as easy as hitting the “refresh” button on our computers, but it will give us a whole new perspective.

To see the before photos, click here.


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