Get Ready for Mother’s Day

This Sunday, May 10, is Mother’s Day.  It is a great chance to celebrate your mom and/or other people who have severed as a mother to you.

My Mother’s Day Corsage Etiquette post has had lots of reads lately.  If you missed it, click here to read.  Another popular post is this one, which covers all the aspects of Mother’s Day that you need to remember.

This year will be a bit different.  Just being with your mom may be challenging, if even a possibility.  Some options that may work for your family include:

Be together, but instead of the big meal, just gathering outside with lawn chairs, all while keeping your distance.

Let mom stay in the house, and you and your family can be outside the window or storm door on the phone with mom.

Have a Zoom meeting.  Of course, you could have some fun with the background: maybe an old family photo, a photo of the two of you, or decorate behind the area you are filming.

Take her lunch and a pretty Spring floral arrangement or front door wreath.  It would be even better if you and your kiddos made them yourself!

Gather, keep your distance, and wear masks!  That will help with the post-stay in place weight gain since you can’t put food in your mouth with a mask on!

So many adult children can’t be with their moms on Mother’s Day due to geographical distance.  Maybe we should take a cue from these folks and just have a good, long, focused phone conversation with mom.

Whatever you decide is best for your mom and family, remember to leave anyone with fever at home.  If you have young children, it may help to do a quick refresher on how to cough and sneeze, no hugging, etc.  You may choose to leave them home this time.  Ultimately, if you or your mom have any concerns over gathering, then you should not do so.  We all have to decide our individual comfort level, which ultimately we should all do everyday with anything we do.

Have a great day, and go find a unique and memorable way to celebrate your mom!


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