Twenty Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is May 8 which is not far away!  Now is the time to make a plan for celebrating your mom and/or mother figure.  Here are a few suggestions and ideas to get you started.

  1. Store bought or homemade card.  If you have children, get them to make some as well.
  2. A good long phone call if mom lives a distance from you.
  3. A corsage if your Mom goes to church (see the related post below).
  4. A photo frame that you can send photos to for her to enjoy. This is my favorite:
  5. A gift basket of edible treats.  Your mom may enjoy this or have fun sharing it with guests.  Some ideas:  or   or  or
  6. A selection of high-quality frozen meals.  If your mom can’t stand for long periods of time or has problems with mobility, this will be a treat for her when she just doesn’t feel like cooking.  William Sonoma has some great prepared foods as does Schwan’s and Mackenzie Limited.
  7. A gift basket of relaxing items such as:  or  or  or
  8. A vase of spring flowers.
  9. She might enjoy a coupon good for one day of your help around her house.
  10. A spa day with you.
  11. Something your mom might abstain from, such as a manicure, a day at the beauty parlor, a new outfit.
  12. A mini portable fan, which if she lives in the south, will be the perfect thing!  It is so small it will fit in her purse!  My favorite is:
  13. A rechargeable electric lighter for candles.  This is great if your mom has any arthritis in her hands.  I use this one:
  14. An amazing body lotion.  My favorite is high quality with no scent:
  15. An extension cord (or two) with USB plugs.  She can keep one plugged in so that the plugs will be on her nightstand for conveniently plugging in her phone or iPad.  The other one can stay on the end table near the chair she sits in for the same purpose.  These will prevent her from having to bend over and plug things in the wall.  I also use these in guest rooms!  My favorite is this one:
  16. If she enjoys coffee, then a selection of coffees would be enjoyable or tea if she prefers!  Here are my favorites: for coffee lovers and for tea lovers.
  17. A lovely green plant.  Not only will it last a long time, but it will also freshen the air as it lifts your mom’s spirits.  A few ideas are aloe vera plants (also good for cuts, scrapes, and burns), an areca palm, mother-in-law’s tongue, and ivy plants.
  18. Bombas socks.  These are my favorite everyday socks.  I like the lightweight, no-show socks, but the padded socks are also amazing.  They also make compression socks as well as slippers with grips.
  19. Any Jo Malone cologne would be a welcome addition!  I just purchased the Sakura Cherry Blossom cologne myself.  My favorites are scents Peony and Blush Suede and Orange Blossom.  They also make candles.
  20. This warm and comfy wearable blanket would surely delight your mom if she stays cold.  Pick her favorite color!

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