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I always like to share any recent finds that I wish I had known about sooner.  My absolute favorite has been reusable cotton pads that are used for removing eye and/or facial makeup.  I have three kinds that I have tested, and they all work wonderfully!

Available on Amazon for $9.99.


Available on Amazon for $9.59.


Available on Amazon for $22.00.


I could not find reusable cotton rounds locally, so these all came from Amazon.  I prefer these over disposable cotton pads as they do not disintegrate when removing eye makeup, etc.   With a disposable round, from time to time, a course fiber would be woven in and scratch my skin.  The fabric rounds do not have the same issue.

Although I still have and will continue to use my Wonder Cloth (read about it here), I like the rounds better.  One of my Wonder Cloths didn’t dry well and became mildewed.  So now I only have two.  I would need five more and be required to wash once a week to have one a day.  With the rounds, so many come in a package that I will always have plenty!

I like that many of them come with a reusable bag for washing.  Not only are they good for the environment since they aren’t one time use products, but they are also good for your budget.  Nice cotton pads cost a few dollars and are quickly used up.  I have purchased 43 pads, and I gave 20 to my sister.  I leave the one I used to dry overnight on the side of the tub.  The next morning, I throw the then dry pad into the little bag.  Each time I wash towels, I throw the bag in the wash.  I have yet to run out!

Of course, my mascara has been staining the cloth pads, but since I am the only person who uses them and because they will be used for makeup removal, I don’t have a problem with the stains.  There are other colors available, so if that is a concern for you, you may want to choose a dark or black version.

I will keep cotton pads on hand for guests or treating a cut, but a roll will last a long time.

By Terry Baume de Rose Liquid Lip Balm, which costs $53 for 75 ml on the By Terry website.

Another item that I have been impressed with is a lip balm.  My favorites are the Lanolips and just a big old jar of lanolin (read this earlier post for more information).

But, for those who like a bougie lip product, you will love the Baume de Rose Liquid Lip Balm by French retailer, By Terry.  Available direct from By Terry or stateside from Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom’s, and Saks, as well as a variety of other online stores.

This product comes in a lip crayon as well as a small pot.  They are a bit pricey, but they smell divine…as if you are walking through a Damask rose garden in the early morning.  I have the liquid lip balm which comes with a nicely sized doe-foot applicator.  The balm has great staying power.  If I put it on before bedtime, it does still exist on my lips the next morning.

From online reviews, it seems like the price and the fact that the balm that comes in the pot, thus requiring a fingertip or brush for lip application, are the main concerns about this product.  Of course, the crayon and flaconnette provide an easier application process.

Even though I know that the affordable lanolin does as much for my lips as the pricey By Terry product, I can’t help feeling pretty and special with the soft rose scent wafting up to my nose.  If the price tag holds you back from using it every day, you may want to make it a special treat for your birthday, Christmas, etc.

Baume de Rose Hand Cream feels luxurious and smells divine!

The Baume de Rose hand cream is also delightful if you want to continue the splurge!  I am sure the entire Baume de Rose line is dreamy!

As always, I have paid for these products myself…no sponsorships or endorsements.  I am just sharing products that I love and think you might like as well!

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